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I don’t know how to tell you this because it  is really  serious but  it’s funny also. You see, this school term we had snakes in two kids lockers!!!!!! Don’t ask me how they got there. I DIDN’T DO IT!!!!!! Those poor snakes were released back into the wild!!!!!! They were fine.

my life

“Pant! Pant! We’re almost there” I said to my friends as we were running full speed through the dense forest… “I need to write an essay telling a bit about myself so tell me what you think.”

My full name is Caleb Nelson Webb but I like it when you call me Cal. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I am twelve years old  as I recently celebrated my birthday on Aug. 30th. I am very skinny; weighing in at 108 pounds.

My family is made up of Mom, Dad ,sister Catrina and many pets! I have two little Shih-Tzu dogs,Jack and Zippy. Also, we have many Koi fish in our fish pond in my back yard ; plus one fire bellied toad  named Packy, one aquatic frog  and one male Betta fish and one female Betta fish.

As my friends you guys are important to mention, Daniel,Matteo, Isacc ,Jessica , Derdra , Jordyn and Jack. I also had some great friends who moved away who I really miss;Brody , Callum, Ryan and Marcus. When I’m not fishing with my Dad I enjoy going on long explores with my Mom in the many really nice forested  areas in Comox. We especially like to walk in the Lazo marsh and feed all the adorable little birds. They love tiny pieces of peanuts and eat them right out of your hands!

One of my favorite  sports I like playing is Soccer  because  there is lots of running and you play with a team so there is more chance to meet more friends. I really enjoy swimming, catching and releasing snakes , frogs and skinks. Some other things I like to do is build and create with Lego ; especially space ships and planes and cars.

We are a family that likes music! My sister and I take piano lessons and Mom tells me that I’m getting better the more I practice. This year in school I’m also learning to  Play  the Tenor Sax  which is  an instrument  I really enjoy playing because I like  the sound it makes! My band teacher Miss Cox is so patient and great!

So I guess this is all I can tell you  because I should keep some facts private. I hope you enjoyed my essay!   Caleb Webb

My art project

The colourful, beautiful flag of Bhutan is very unique in many ways. The flag’s back ground colours red with yellow are strikingly brillant and the image of the dragon is extrodinary! The flag is separated into two diagonal halves with an impressive shite dragon in the center looking to the right. The white colour of the dragon is suppose to symbolize purity. The jewels held within the dragon’s claws are meant to represent wealth.

When we gaze on the dragon’s snarling mouth this is to represent the peoples strength in protecting their country. The bright colours  also represent spiritual power in the country. Red represents the Drukpas monasteries  and Buddhist religion. Red / yellow symbolizes the secular authority of Bhutan. Bhutan’s flag was chosen in 1969. In the local dialect the country’s name means ” land of the dragon”. In Bhutan it is believed thunder is the sound of dragons roaring.

A monastery was built in about the 1200 called the Druk which means  ( thunder dragon) with the people being called the Drukpas. Ever since, the emblem of the dragon and the name Druk  have beensymbolic with Bhutan. The country of Bhutan became independant from India on Aug. 8, 1949.

I admire the Bhutan flag because I love dragons and their fierce image. I truely wish dragons existed or perhaps they do and simply are great at hiding!

Comparing Bhutan to Canada

Comparing Bhutan to Canada

The small country between India and China known as Bhutan has a population of approximately 708,427. Canada on the other hand has a population of 34,030,589. While comparing Bhutan to my own larger more economically stable country I realize how fortunate I am to live in a country where I have access to a good education, healthy food, and lifestyle.

I think that Canada’s economy is stronger than Bhutan’s because of many reasons. Our country is  situated between two large oceans  which is beneficial for exporting and importing  products  for trade with other countries like the U.S.A. Canada has more gross domestic product and purchasing power than Bhutan.Canada has more natural resources such as hydro power from the great lakes , minerals like nickel and potash. Bhutan doesn’t have manufacturing or construction. Plus,Bhutan unlike Canada isn’t  geographically located by an ocean for better trade routes. Canadian  sea ports like Vancouver and Halifax offer Canada greater opportunities to trade with countries farther away like China.

In my opinion, Canadian technology is better than Bhutan’s.Canada’s internet users are 7.77 million compared to Bhutan users only 9.147  thousand.  Canada has more main lines for telephone use and more accessible radio stations and cable. In Bhutan, urban towns or districts  have telecommunication services. Unfortunately, domestic services  are poor in rural areas.Mobile cellular service and technology is behind in Bhutan because it is a poorer country  which lacks the resources and the skilled tcchnitions to establish more advances in technology.

It is my conclusion that Canada has a higher quality of life than Bhutan because we have  easier access to the required necessities of life. In Canada life expectancy is higher due to better health care.

Education is also poor in Bhutan with  53% of people who can not read or write. I thought  it  unbelievable that  of the  46%  able to read and write  most are males! That 60% of educated males and only 33% of educated females  seems to indicate  that maybe the females  do not have the same opportunities to get an education  in Bhutan as Canadian females. In Canada both gender have equal opportunities to be educated.

In Bhutan infant mortality is higher, compared to Canada. This fact can be related to lack of health care and not enough healthy food during pregnancy etc.,

Canada’s stronger economy determines it’s stronger work  force . Plus, Canadians are encouraged to receive  an education and  become qualified  and more specialized in  the  chosen  line of work they train for.With higher education Canadians  contribute more to a productive  healthy economy and society.

Although Canada and Bhutan have similar democratic governments and allow for freedom of speech and the constitutional rights of the people, we are much better off in Canada. As Canadians we have a higher quality of life than citizens of Bhutan. This provides us access to a higher standard of education leading to lower unemployment because more jobs are available to people with a higher education. Proper food and health care is more accessible as well. Geographically, Canada also has the advantage with access to both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans for transporting goods for import and export from Halifax and Vancouver. We also have more natural resources like lumber, mines and water for electricity and transport. I have learned that a healthy strong economy is necessary for improving people’s standard of living and lowering the number of people living on the poverty line or below. I’m glad I live in Canada.


Once upon a time there was a boy with no extraordinary talent. His name was Cal. The Boy was so into nature that he didn’t focus in school. He was always daydreaming. Our story begins in the forest on a sunny day…

“Cal! Cal! Come quick!” Shouted Veronica, a very good friend of Cal’s. “I found one!” “Good!” Stated Cal as he jogged over to where she stood waiting. “He’s a big one isn’t he!” Said Veronica knowingly as a large snake slithered out from under a bush.

“Is that the time?” Said Veronica as she glanced at her watch. “I’ll have to be going now Cal on account of my chores” remarked Veronica. “Okay, see ya!” said Cal, as Veronica  walked away. Cal trudged home thinking of the sleek, slithering snake. He’d always wanted one for his own special pet.

When he returned home he thought he’d lie down for a minuite on his bed where he promptly fell asleep.

Cal dreamed that he was a squirmy, slithering, shifting snake. When he awoke the next morning he was relieved at the thought that it was a Saturday. “Mom!” shouted Cal. “I’m leaving now on an expetition and will require a light snack…”

“Okay,” said his mom. “Remember to take water for when you become thirsty.”

Cal walked out the door with his small cooler containing his kunch and water, he mounted his bicycle and traveled at neck-breaking speed to the forest. When he arrived he dismounted and alighted down a secluded path in his quest for discovery. His first stop wasa the Lazo Marsh where he viewed some amazing, tiny tree frogs. They seemed to dance for joy on the numerous lilly-pads. When ambling down a walkway he noticed some birds twittering while perched on a tree branch. Cal, being hungry decided to eat his sandwich and he also gave some crumbs to his funny, feathery friends. The whiskey Jacks were very apreciative. Continuing on his way he came across a weird looking tree. Upon further examination Cal noticed a hole under the tree. As he stood over it, he slipped on loose soil and fell into the hole. It wasn’t what he expected but rather a short fall, about seven feet, until he landed in water that was waist deep.

While wading in the water he continued on until he found land once more. He walked along a passage-way until he fopund a slender, small tree salamander. It was mostly brown and so awesome. Cal decided to take it home for his very first special pet. He carefuly set up a terrarium where he feeds it crickets.


Justice Reflection

We have to care about the righrts of people in our  country and not worry  about the rights of people in other places. What? I disagree with this statement because  it is a very selfish  thing to say and also a mean thing to say. I think that helping others is the key to success.All we need to do is work together!  We need to show more understanding  to all people of every race and nation and maybe if  we did this  we could have an end to wars and  bring some peace  to our world. What do you think!?!

To Much Work (Poem), My Snowman (Poem), Cross (Poem)…P


Work! Work! Work!

Why can’t we go out and play,

Why can’t the snow just stay?

So that we can play all day!!!




My snowman

I have a snowman.

His eyes shine in the moonlight.

I LOVE my snowman!







Jesus is part of your heart







C- Courasgeous: That’s how some see me when I piock up snakes without fear

A- Appreciative of all wild life

L- Lover of the great outdoors

E- Energetic, loving to swim laps

B- Brave When I have to get a needle for unnecisary immunization



As red as blood

As slow as a snail

As cunning as a fox

As Sharp as a tack

As fast as a Cheetah

As sleek as a seal

As Loyal as a dog

As brave as a wolf

The Cat

The cat’s

whiskers tickle;

Belly rubs make him purr.

feed him fish and chips on Sunday



The snake slithered quietly.

The grass was fresh with dew.

The snakes eyes were bright and clear.

The prey was unsuspecting and vulnerable.


The tiger roams free across the savana,

His mate’s belly is heavy with their first litter of cubs.

He surveys the horizon; eyes always searching for their next prey.

Bubble Gum

Delicious, pink treat that’s a sticky goo;

Some for me and some for you

Aroma of strawberries, grape or sour apple;

oh so sweet on my tongue.

the bubbles popping loud and wet.