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IMG_4046Kira and Sam set out to explore this dark, damp, chilly cave which  smelled of scaly fish. Little did they know that a monstrous, shape shifting, fire breathing dragon lived in the exact cave they were trampling in…

   Oh, Hi there! Reading this book takes me away to another world! Kira and Sam two friends are off on the adventure of their lives in the mystical world of Helen Mist. But can they survive the creatures and make it out alive!!!

The cover was made by myself. First I had to look in a mirror to see what I look like. Then I drew my head, followed by my hands. I designed my cover from an idea I had. Well see you soon.

7 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Bravo, Caleb–this sounds very exciting–and well worth reading. Too bad it’s a pretend book! You did a superb job on your portrait. So impressed.

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  3. Caleb (don’t publish)
    I hope this is not too much of a surprise, but I have removed the Shelfari widget from your page. We have a group one and I haven’t given anyone permission to create their own as I can’t monitor who is leaving comments on your shelf. I still haven’t read your book review–you have a good opener, though. We can publish it on the class Shelfari when you are done!

  4. Hi Mr. Laurie,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog
    Some animals like the desert frog lay dormant in the ground for months until it rains and then they have a short time to mate. Bugs like mosquito larva lay dormant until it raines and water stands and they hatch. Thanks for reading this… 😉

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