My Family Christmas Traditions

I enjoy Christmas because I love celebrating Jesus’ birthday. We have many traditions at this time of year, but I’ll only tell you a few! Every year I count down the days until Christmas.On my 24 day advent calender with chocolate for each day.

Around December 1 I help decorate the Christmas tree and it is tradition that mom gets me a new decoration every year. It is also our tradition to make lots of cookies… short bread, sugar cookies, pecan snowball cookies and my favorite, chocolate chip cookies. The making of pear bread is a Swiss Christmas tradition dating all the way back to my great grandpa Wenk. My mom reads from Luke 2 from the Bible every Christmas Eve; after we have gone to the candle light service at Church. Before my sister and I open a present we must first play one of our Christmas pieces on the piano. For every present we open we play and sing a carol until the presents are all opened.

Before bed we leave a plate of cookies with milk for Santa. Early Christmas day I get up to check what Santa brought me in my stocking.Later, we go to Christmas day church service to sing more songs. This is a little of how I like to spend Christmas!!

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  1. Hi, Caleb
    It is interesting to see everyones different traditions. I like yours the best:). P.S. It’s really awesome!

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