My art project

The colourful, beautiful flag of Bhutan is very unique in many ways. The flag’s back ground colours red with yellow are strikingly brillant and the image of the dragon is extrodinary! The flag is separated into two diagonal halves with an impressive shite dragon in the center looking to the right. The white colour of the dragon is suppose to symbolize purity. The jewels held within the dragon’s claws are meant to represent wealth.

When we gaze on the dragon’s snarling mouth this is to represent the peoples strength in protecting their country. The bright colours  also represent spiritual power in the country. Red represents the Drukpas monasteries  and Buddhist religion. Red / yellow symbolizes the secular authority of Bhutan. Bhutan’s flag was chosen in 1969. In the local dialect the country’s name means ” land of the dragon”. In Bhutan it is believed thunder is the sound of dragons roaring.

A monastery was built in about the 1200 called the Druk which means  ( thunder dragon) with the people being called the Drukpas. Ever since, the emblem of the dragon and the name Druk  have beensymbolic with Bhutan. The country of Bhutan became independant from India on Aug. 8, 1949.

I admire the Bhutan flag because I love dragons and their fierce image. I truely wish dragons existed or perhaps they do and simply are great at hiding!