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Hello, I’m Caleb. My birthday is August 30, 1999, which makes me 13 years old! My interests are: soccer, swimming, piano, hiking and exploring. I live with my 14 year old sister, Catrina and my 52 year old mom, plus dad who’s 46. Jack, Chaching and Zippy are our shihtzus.My all time favorite critter is snakes! I love to get together with my friends to play imaginary games where water balloons are fat bombs and whoever they burst on, explode with fatness. We always have fun.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow! you like alot of the things I really like… like piano! I LOVE piano… If you ask Ms. Smith she’ll tell you about it… Oh I didn’t introduce myself! lol anywyas… Hi Caleb! I’m Michael T.! haha… anyways! I love Shihtzus! they’re really cute… my cousin has one that is really old but REALLY exited when ever I see her.

    Fat bombs eh?… THAT”S THE BEST IDEA I’VE EVER HEARD OF!!! hahaha… I used to have a HUGE imagination, I used to go outside everyday and get my friends and play with little plastic phoney guns and be liek.. “Bam bam! Ur down!!!!” lol. oohhh the old days… nevermind, lol. Hope you like Ms. Smith as a teacher… I know I did…

  2. I though you were 12 caleb, not 10. when was the lastb time you were on your blog? your blog isn’t updated

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