Where I Live

Comox Glacier Sandwich by paulhami. Do you like this picture? It is a picture of the Comox  B.C.  also known as Beautiful British Columbia. We live on the west coast of Canada on an island rainforest with beautiful trees, bushes, wild flowers and many more beautiful attractions. We have a lot of sports and fun activities such as soccer, swiming and many more sports.

I love going and watching animals such as tree frogs and snakes. Believe it or not there’s a blue heron who always comes to my back yard and eats our fish in our fish pond. If you want to catch a  red belly newt , go to a lake called Wolf lake. There are tons in the water in the mud at the bottom. If you find this interesting, tell your friends!  I love B.C.  Comox Glacier Sandwich by Paulhami

2 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Hi Caleb,
    This is a beautiful picture. I’ve never been to British Columbia but it sure looks like its worth a trip to go see. Nice post Caleb.

  2. Yes, of course I like this picture. This picture is great and really beautiful. Is it really that there is blue heron there? I can imagine what a beautiful the real condition of British Columbia it is!

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